Rendering for VR

mental ray

  • Download a 3rd party plugin or learn how to write a fairly complex lens shader
  • Install it successfully so that your 3D package sees it
  • Install it successfully so that MR sees it 😩
  • Use the correct camera settings for it
  • Use the correct output settings for it
  • Pipe the lens shader correctly
  • Test compatibility with any volumetrics or other fancy non-standard shaders you might be using
  • Of course all your textures show up broken because you’re using your 3D package’s file nodes instead of MR’s
  • Render and hope everything works
  • Good luck if you’re planning on running it over a farm


  • Set the correct camera type in the camera
  • Set the correct camera override type in the render globals
  • Set the correct output settings
  • Render, it’ll work surely enough


  • Pop in a VR camera
  • Hit 👏 that 👏 render 👏 button

2 Replies to “Rendering for VR”

  1. Hi Unai.

    I just noticed the VR lens shader workflow comparison. The worst workflow offender in the list has been taken care of as of Nov 20th, 2017.

    Now future comparisons would have to be done between Arnold, V-Ray, and Mantra. 🙂

    1. Ah, true. I will miss MR though :'( It was excellent at making rendering seem like a dark art.

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