Rendering for VR

mental ray

  • Download a 3rd party plugin or learn how to write a fairly complex lens shader
  • Install it successfully so that your 3D package sees it
  • Install it successfully so that MR sees it 😩
  • Use the correct camera settings for it
  • Use the correct output settings for it
  • Pipe the lens shader correctly
  • Test compatibility with any volumetrics or other fancy non-standard shaders you might be using
  • Of course all your textures show up broken because you’re using your 3D package’s file nodes instead of MR’s
  • Render and hope everything works
  • Good luck if you’re planning on running it over a farm


  • Set the correct camera type in the camera
  • Set the correct camera override type in the render globals
  • Set the correct output settings
  • Render, it’ll work surely enough


  • Pop in a VR camera
  • Hit 👏 that 👏 render 👏 button